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  • Moulded End

    Molded filters are typically used on air filtration applications specifically developed to remove atmospheric dust from the air intake of compressors, blowers and engines or natural gas lines. These filters are for use on blowers, gas turbines, compressors, pipelines, chemical process plants and dust collection systems.

  • Image

    Sewn End Filter Elements have inner cores fabricated of galvanized sheet metal. The sewn or bonded filter media is made of various materials and pleated over a wire cage. Sewn end style filter elements can serve in high temperatures or environments with aggressive chemistry that might otherwise degrade molded end filters.

  • Replacement Panel Filters

    Dynamic Filtration manufactures a wide range of panel elements to efficiently protect the air intake of close tolerance equipment. Our pleated filter media is supported with a heavy gauge galvanized frame in a standard 24" x 24" size. We offer particle retention ratings from 0.3 to 10 microns.

    Interchangeable with Dollinger, Consler, Airmaze, IFM, Sunshine, Nafco and Sparks. The rugged construction allows cleaning with compressed air or washing with a detergent solution. Positive sealing gaskets ensure safety and a handy pull strap makes removal easy.

  • Panel Type Inlet Filters

    Single stage air intake filter / silencer

    • Heavy gauge galvanized frame
    • Washable polyester felt filter media provides 98% removal of 10 micron particles
    • Handy pull strap for easy removal
    • Capacity of 2500 CFM at an initial pressure differential of 1.1" W.C.
    • Nominal size 24" x 24" x 2", weight 11 lbs.
    • Available from standard stock
    The 1SPIF Series of inlet filters are single stage panel inlet filters for removal of airborne particulate. Their primary function is to protect blowers, axial compressors, small turbines, diesel and gas engines.

    All steel weatherproof housing, powder coat painted suitable for outdoor installations. Low in draft velocity weather hoods.

    Premium pleated dry panel filter elements - VP-104-005- provide 98% removal of 10 micron particles with a minimal pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity.

    Low cost options
    • Silencing for reduction of air and equipment noise
    • Support legs
    • Differential pressure gauges
    • Special finishes to customer specifications

  • canister_filter

    Cannister Type Inlet Filters are designed to protect reciprocating compressors, centrifugal blowers and rotary blowers. They produce less mechanical noise and increased equipment efficiency. These filters feature all-weather enameled carbon steel housing, rugged paper or washable polyester felt filter element with PVC end seal and extended surface area, large capacity range with standard 10 micron efficiency (finer efficiency available on request).

  • Dust Collector Filter

    We provide various filter media to suit your specific applications including our standard spun bond 100% polyester, 80/20 paper which is 80% cellulose, 20% polyester, and superior efficiency 100% spun bond polyester.

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    Air Maze, Consler, Dollinger, Filtration Engineering, Endustra, Gardner Denver, Ingersoll-Rand, IFM, Joy, Keltec, Nafco, Shawndra "Sparks", Solberg "SMI", Stoddard, Sunshine, Universal Filters